Do you realise everything around us is the product of our general ideologies? This might sound preposterous at first glance, but if you think about it. Is it?

We are trying so hard to get a place of tranquility, we want solitude, but why? Well, under westernisation, individualism is widely in vogue right now. From collectivism to individualism, the houses often have private rooms for each child now. Sounds absurd right? I know, but it’s so true. According to Mr. Google, before the year 1946, bikini is scarce, if not nonexistent in the public. We were more conservative back then, so we were more conservative in our dressing style. Now, you see short jeans all over the place, ranging from teens to elderly, you can see legs and waist almost everywhere. The shift in dressing style is greatly attributed to general belief of openness and self-love.

You can see models like the lights of Kendall Jenner and her Kardashians siblings (That’s all the models I know) showing virtually every inch of their body on the Internet. It’s pervasive, but acceptable and understandable. We have the innovative thoughts, we have the innovative things. It’s not rocket science, is it?

I am an 18-year-old based in Hong Kong. I am student, somewhat cynical, somewhat unique, and somewhat imperious. Happy life and smile more.