Don’t force out content

The more I tried to type shit, or tell myself to type shit, the less I will be able to have the motivation to type shit. I got this thought during my shower time, the more a force is added to a subjective person, the more the person would rebel. This is why there is a saying of cooking frogs in warm water. A gradual state of increment will do the job, not the forceful style. An example would be a relationship. …

We should leave a fine line between absolution and vagueness. We don’t want to have definite answers in life, that would be lackluster and meaningless, we want some FUD in life in order to spice up the game.

The uncertainties that Chihiro encountered in the beginning of the film made the film successful, so in life, we should embrace the uncertainties, not whining about.

For me, I interpret Spirited Away in three aspects: Societal flaws, personal growth, and personality.

For societal flaws, I would be talking about the prostitution problem and the economic flaws in the society. Societies of Asian…

Before I get lambasted by the readers, I just want to point out the unfortunate phenomenon of the general media. Why are the most inflammatory and controversial topics get the most views, while the actually meaningful topics get left at the side? Do we all just want to be provoked when we are in front of the computer?

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This is, however, not a joke. I do love Trump, and I want him to be the next president of the United State.

He’s a racist, but Biden said “You ain’t black”. He’s a racist, but Biden voted to segregate the black…

Don’t worry, the title isn’t clickbait. I did make a little over12000 HKD within 14 days, which is roughly $1500 (post-tax, post-commission). The money was not from those passive income sources like blogs or youtube videos; The money was not from those hard-work-will-soon-pay-off bollocks either. The money was from stock trading. The following is not an article about trading, but the mentality of making money in the modern-day era.

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Be impervious to the norms

Do not ever, not one second, succumb to the social norms. “Go to school and get a job!” “Work with a humble heart, and you shall rise to the top.” Cliche…

Do you realise everything around us is the product of our general ideologies? This might sound preposterous at first glance, but if you think about it. Is it?

We are trying so hard to get a place of tranquility, we want solitude, but why? Well, under westernisation, individualism is widely in vogue right now. From collectivism to individualism, the houses often have private rooms for each child now. Sounds absurd right? I know, but it’s so true. According to Mr. Google, before the year 1946, bikini is scarce, if not nonexistent in the public. We were more conservative back then…

Human rights, law, money, they all seem rational right? Well, they are not innately here in the world, they emerge because humans want and need them. I am not saying they are erroneous, but rather, they are not as unmove-able as most believe. When we talk about equality – from gender to race – we often think they are supposed to be true. This is why celebrities get applauded for just standing on this side while ones who chose to be rivals or skeptics of it often come under fire. This might be reasonable, but do they deserve to be…

I am not saying brutality in specific cases like the police brutalities happening in the US and Hong Kong, but I am saying the brutalities throughout history. This a lesson I have gained from the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Hurari.

18th June 2020

Power of dissatisfaction, sounds odd right? I heard this idea in a podcast I heard yesterday (link), and it is somewhat like the positive Daniel’s dialogue. This inspired me to type this but with a bit of addition.

Dissatisfaction is inevitable in life, grassroots or aristocrats. We all have dissatisfaction. Limited time, limited resources, infinite want, restless ambition yields dwindling sense of competence. This often translates to sorrows and powerlessness, but for a lad that studied Economics, isn’t this familiar to you? Yes, scarcity, without scarcity, there is no Economics, without Economics, there is no the “current…

31st May — 3rd June 2020


This reflection was typed for myself, but since the marginal cost of posting it online is super low, I might as well just do it. I usually type along the flow, recklessly, so there would be some offensive satament. This would be a fairly subjective review, if you dislike this then feel free to say adios.

I don’t advocate any political stances or philosophical ideas, just a young relentless adult having a sendentary life with his fingers on his keyboard.

Some lessons are quite similar in nature, but I seldom catogorize things distinctively…


I am an 18-year-old based in Hong Kong. I am student, somewhat cynical, somewhat unique, and somewhat imperious. Happy life and smile more.

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